Yike focuses on developing AD hub to help e-commerce win more business opportunities.


Nowadays, the business of e-commerce is becoming more and more difficult. In the final analysis, the reason is that the diversion channel of e-commerce platform (station) is limited. With the promotion of bidding mechanism, the diversion cost rises rapidly. However, the scene of social app (outside the station) does not meet the requirements of online shopping, resulting in unsatisfactory diversion effect, and ultimately the cost of guiding customers by stores is too high.

In order to let more e-commerce companies to provide low-cost diversion in the context of online shopping, Shanghai Yike e-commerce Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Yike) devotes itself to the research and development of ad hub, a mobile advertising platform based on home WiFi. Since the platform was launched, it has successfully diverted hundreds of millions of people to online stores in many e-commerce platforms, including tmall, Jingdong, pinduoduo, Suning e-buy, vipshop, wechat app mall, etc., and generated sales of hundreds of millions of yuan.

According to some online stores that use ad hub all the year round, compared with other diversion channels, the average stay time, jump loss rate, promotion coupon download probability, sales conversion rate and other indicators of ad hub flow in are better. The reason is that users surf the Internet when they are relaxing at home. At this time, the demand for mobile shopping is more vigorous, the environment is more ideal, and the time is more abundant.

In addition to obvious reasons, ad hub is more user-friendly in terms of advertising presentation, which is not easy to cause users to reverse, but also convenient for users to click and browse. It achieves the balance of "surfing" with mobile phones and shopping with mobile phones at the same time.

In order to better serve e-commerce, Yike tracks the important data such as CPM, CPC, and CPA in the process of ad hub advertisement publishing, which objectively reflects the effect of advertising, so as to provide advertisers with real-time adjustment of advertising materials, delivery time and delivery area, so as to strive for the best advertising effect.

At present, ad hub has covered more than ten million people in seven provinces and cities. In the future, Yike will increase its investment and strive to form a large-scale mobile advertising platform covering the main economically developed areas of China and facing hundreds of millions of Internet users, so as to provide high-quality diversion services for more e-commerce.